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Who doesn?t like the food served in good bakery packaging? Everyone does. Also, good packaging retains product taste fresh and likable. Good taste means more consumers gain. Hence, in order to do that, we suggest you to not compromise on the packaging. Especially, when it comes to custom bakery packaging, Plus Printer is widely acknowledged in the market. We guarantee you won?t find such finest quality boxes with intriguing unique designs none other than Plus Printers. We make sure our customers get their desired custom bakery boxes. Therefore, we offer many suggestions in material, box style, printing and manufacturing that go perfect for your personalized bakery boxes. Our expert team of artistic graphic designers and customer service provides you with topmost sales-boosting suggestion and designs. We make sure that the product is 100% consumer and market satisfactory.

Material for your custom bakery boxes:

Eco-friendly Kraft is the most box material in demand. It is because due to increasing environmental hazards awareness, eco-friendly boxes are common these days. These are instantly soluble in the earth and leaves zero negative effect on the environment. They are recyclable and can be reused. Following this, corrugated bakery boxes are comparatively harder in composition due to the material.  This is the best material that protects the bakery items from any damage during transportation. Hence, such custom bakery boxes can be also used as a gift box. Last but not least, cardstock boxes are the second most commonly in use boxes for bakery items. They are lighter and easier to carry.

Different styles of boxes:

Keeping into consideration custom bakery packaging needs, we offer various manufacturing and box styles. They make your product more appealing to the customers and encourage them to buy repeatedly. We highly recommend keeping your box style portable and easier for you and your consumers to handle. You can choose either a die-cut or gluing technique. Both of them are widely used styles in packaging. However, in die-cutting, you have a greater margin of styling the box according to the product. It is even easier to fix at the moment and is space-effective. Moreover, the gluing technique fixes the box permanently and is durable during transportation.

Similarly, we have designed some box styles for custom bakery boxes as well. You can choose any of the following:

  • Tuck end boxes.
  • Gable boxes.
  • Mailer box.
  • Sleeves boxes.

How to make your box more appealing?

To make your product more eye-catching and mouth-watering, we make custom printed bakery boxes. We can print it either with simple colors or can design cartoon, syllables and different animations on it. CMYK printing is a combination of four basic colors like cyan, magenta, yellow, and black that makes other various colors. It is a high-quality printing that leaves a tempting effect on your product. Besides this, you can choose PMS printing for your custom bakery boxes that leave you with tons of color choices. If you are looking for good slogan printing, PMS printing is the most suitable due to the diverse color range. In contrast to this, we do understand our customers’ needs. You may not want the boxes painted with several colors. Don?t worry you can keep your bakery boxes plain with zero colors.

Impact of coatings on custom bakery boxes:

Never underestimate the impact a good coating can make on your sales. Hence, the type of coating should be chosen according to the product. For your convenience, we offer three different categories of coatings in one place. They are:

  • Gloss finishing.
  • Matte polish.
  • Spot UV.

Cakes and pastries are a symbol of festivity and celebration. Hence, we suggest you use gloss finishing on your custom bakery boxes for such purposes. However, you can get matte polish on the other boxes. It adds less sheen to the box and makes it duller. Apart from this, do use spot UV for slogan printing on the custom printed boxes. The spot UV makes your logo stand out on shelves, making your product noticeable form distant. This is a good marketing strategy for building brand recognition among competitors.

How adds-on can make a good market impact?

Adding details to the box helps in making a good marketing impact. These small things that we think go unnoticeable isn?t correct. Bakery boxes design assists a confectioner a lot in establishing a good market name. As your well-wisher, we suggest you to unquestionably add details to the box. You can choose any of the following as per your choice and product requirement.

  • Window cut.
  • Embossing/Debossing.
  • Gold silver foiling.

Firstly, you can add a window on the box surface. It is the commonly used style in bakery packaging because it exposes the product to the consumer assisting them in choosing the right product quickly. The window is also covered with a PVC sheet to protect the product from any damage and dirt. Secondly, if you don?t like colored logos or nametag, don?t worry. Keep it simple by adding gold and silver foiling. However, you can also get the slogan to emboss or deboss. This little detail of carving makes your custom bakery boxes more captivating and eye-catching.

Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. We feel happy to assist our customers in any way possible. For this, we have devised some ways in which you can review your order with utmost detail. One of the methods is that we can send you a flat view of your bakery boxes. Secondly, you can get a 3D mockup video with a portray picture. Lastly, you may also request a physical sample of your custom bakery boxes. Make sure you give us your sincere feedback because the rest of your sample is dispatched accordingly.

If you are looking for wholesale custom bakery boxes, then you are at the right place. Our rates are market-friendly. Besides this, we don no charge for plate and die. We ship throughout the world but our shipping here in the U.S.A is absolutely free. You can get free designs and quotes for your custom food boxes from Plus Printers. What are you waiting for? Order your first custom bakery boxes right away. We start from a minimum order of 100 boxes.

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