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Undoubtedly, ornaments and jewelry are women?s first loves. Every woman buys ornaments for herself and her house. Also, many men love decorating their houses with cute and delicate ornaments. Besides, the first thing that attracts any type of customers is the custom ornament packaging. Exactly as the name suggests, ornaments are something that needs to be given a packaging worthy of keeping them inside. Ornaments require protection, as well as their packing, needs to be pretty, elegant and stylish. Surely for this purpose Plus Printers is at your services. We create custom ornament boxes with extremely creative and new ideas. The boxes made at plus Printers are surely made with care and protection. Indeed we love our customers. All your demands and recommendations are kept in mind while making your custom ornament boxes. We deliver every shape and size at your doorstep at reasonable rates. Indeed out dispatch time is the greatest.

Durable Material available in all sizes:

Here, at Plus Printers the Ornament Packaging Boxes are available in all sizes. It should be noted that size is not a problem for Plus Printers. Small Ornament boxes to big boxes, every size is available. We use good-quality box materials. They are:

  • Card Stock:
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft:
  • Corrugated

Our most immensely demanded box materials are card-stock and eco-friendly. Firstly, Eco-Kraft are recyclable. Surely, we all know the environmental crisis we are in. Therefore, the need of using environment-friendly products is greatly necessary. Ornament boxes are created in any design and size. Whereas, if you wish to deliver your boxes to various areas, we suggest corrugated material. Corrugated boxes have varied thickness. We use the ones selected by our customers.


Definitely, every customer has a different wishlist. Hence, we take care of this. We offer custom ornament boxes in plenty of designs. The styles available at Plus Printers are:

Tuck-end: (food, stationery, beverages)

  • Straight,
  • Reverse
  • auto-lock
  1. sleeve-boxes:
  2. 2 piece
  3. Mailer boxes: (corrugated)
  4. Custom Gift Boxes

Additionally, manufacturers make ornaments of various elegances and dimensions. Therefore they require boxes with various designs and styles. Hence, we provide all these styles for your custom ornament boxes. 2-piece boxes, as well as tuck-end and sleeve boxes, are preferred by our customers to create their ornament packaging. Whereas, if you want to deliver these ornament boxes to various places then mailer boxes are suggested. Also. Ornaments are extremely perfect for gift purposes. Hence. you can choose any custom gift boxes to form our website to gift ornaments.

Further Embellishment:

For all patrons who are looking for giving their custom ornament boxes more detail, we offer nice finishing. Gloss finishing makes the ornament packaging shinier and silkier. Whereas, matte keeps the box dark. Also. Spot finishing creates a glossy effect on a specific area of the box and leaves the rest opaque. Lastly, a gloss finishing in golden and silver color is also available. These are the prettiest coatings for ornaments.

Custom Printed Ornament Boxes:

Without a doubt, we work hard for making your Custom Printed Boxes eye-pleasing. Our printing variety is very huge. CMYK is the largest lithography option. As printing in CMYK can be done in a variety of colors. Hundreds of shades and color combinations. Whereas, PMS is for all the customers who run their businesses in smaller budgets. Custom Printed Ornament Boxes are easily created within PMS also. But the only difference is that PMS is available in very less color and is cheaper than CMYK. Besides printing, our customers also desire clear ornament boxes.  Therefore for their satisfaction, we offer unprinted boxes as well.

Wholesale Ornament Boxes:

Above all, Plus Printers is all in all for its consumers and retailers. We work all day and night to make sure our customers are pleased by everything we do for them. Apart from known across the globe for amazing services, we are also known for the best custom ornament packaging. We give you a chance to examine your custom ornament boxes in any way suitable for you. Either a flat view, 3-D box or physical inspection. In flat view, we mail our customers a die-cut box to assess it nicely. Whereas, in the 3-D mockup, we email our patrons a sample video image. Through this, the customer can nicely check the box. Also, the best possible way of inspection is that we deliver a physical sample of the boxes at your place.

Particularly, we value your time. Therefore, we deliver your custom ornament boxes at your doorstep within 6-8 days only. Without a doubt, our delivery staff is very appropriate and fast. You are able to order a huge amount of boxes and at least 100 boxes. Hence your orders will reach you very soon. Additionally, our prices are so much better than the rest of the world. Indeed, our goal is to provide you with the finest quality, reasonable prices, and instant delivery. We offer free delivery for all our clients in the USA.

Don?t hesitate and visit our website for any questions that are roaming in your head. We are here to answer your queries 24/7. What are you waiting for? Place your orders now

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